Vision, Mission, Goal and Objective

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1    Vision

Become a proactive and pioneer inclusive development organization in the Province No 4/ Western Development Region so that each individual citizen being capable to lead a productive, prosperous, dignified and happy human lives through the creation of healthy, equitable and inclusive society.


2    Mission

DIRDC's mission is to contribute towards strengthening a process that enhances sustainable and inclusive development in Province No 4/ Western Development Region to improve the overall living standard of the people, especially of those poor, marginalized, and disadvantaged community groups, and women through creation of social capital and facilitating access to economic opportunities, especially those who had been excluded from the development mainstream for generations through conducting policy advocacy,  promotion of local initiatives, use of appropriate technology, strengthening of the CBOs, LNGOs, and GOs at the local level as collaborative institutions, awareness raising programs through social mobilization for the excluded communities in the working districts, in which the area of overriding concern and concentration for DIRDC will be to attain sustainable rural/urban development in Province No 4/ Western Development Region.


3    Objectives

The overall goal of DIRDC is to contribute in the promotion of the wellbeing of lagging classes and regions of people by getting actively engaged in and affiliated with important programs such as poverty reduction, GESI, conflict management, infrastructure development, employment and income generation for attaining equitable and sustainable development through optimum utilization of local resources in its working districts of Province No 4/ Western Development Region. However, the specific objectives of the organization are:

·         To improve the living standard of the women and DAG  people by conducting various short and long periodic projects and programmes;

·         To enhance the physical mental and leadership quality of youth in the community and use their skill in the development activities;

·         To provide safe drinking water to community people to reduce communicable and contagious diseases and provide them health and sanitation education for keeping healthy environment in their surroundings;

·         To make agriculture (crop cultivation), cottage and small enterprises, service enterprises, livestock rearing and others commerce oriented, while also promoting environment-friendly energy systems.

·         To conserve the resources, potentials and traditional skills, norms and values, art and creative culture and utilizing them for positive socio-economic transformation through execution of programmes such as village tourism, organic farming and soil and land conservation.

·         To give emphasis to guaranteeing civil rights for promoting good governance, and formulating and executing necessary awareness-orientated programmes relating to such aspectsas health, cleanliness and education.

·         To conduct the program in environmental protection, child labor elimination and gender equality;

·         To facilitate other NGOs through the establishment of an umbrella organization;

·         To conduct the different types of workshop and training for capacity building of local NGOs, VDCs and other line agencies;

·         To carry out various locally suitable research and development programmes for the protection and promotion of economic, social, and environmental resources. 

·         To conduct the programmes based on GESI perspectives.

·         To identify various other possibilities that would offer support to fulfilling the principal objectives and designing and operating the related programmes accordingly.